Tuesday, July 18, 2017

This & That July 2017

July 2017

On July 14, we went with Elder Jarred and Sister Karren (married),  to see
these folks in concert at the Washington Nationals ballpark in DC. It was wonderful!
Getting back to the apartment on the Metro (train) was an experience!  After the concert
the Metro station was packed solid with people. The escalators were turned off because
lines were so long. That probably happens often, but new to us.  I did not see any
police or security. You could not move, there were so many people. Greg stood
behind me and put both arms tight around my waist and when the doors opened
we were pushed forward onto the train. Lucky for us we were right in front of the doors.
It took us over two hours to get home. But, it was worth it.  We heard and sang along
with a lot of other old folks, some old favorites from our "youth." Behind us though
were a couple of groups of young kids, and we could hear a couple of guys singing
who knew all the words to all the songs. It was comforting.