Sunday, December 10, 2017

Goodbye, Elder and Sister Thompson

After the gardens we had lunch at Founding Farmers, yummy!

Elder and Sister Thompson

The Hombres - Elder Banks, President Johnson, Elder Thompson, Elder Miles

The AP's - Elder Morgan, Elder Eck

The Morgans, Miles, Thompsons, Banks

My favorites - Sister Miles, Sister Thompson

Road Trip USA - Botanic Gardens 3

All plant based  replicas of  some roadside attractions in the United States.

Blue Whale - Oklahoma

Mount Rushmore - South Dakota

World's Largest Basket - Ohio

Mr. Potato Head - Rhode Island

Leaning Tower of Niles - Illinois

Coffee Pot and Cup Water Towers - Iowa

Jimmy Carter Peanut Statue - Georgia

These two - Niagra Falls - New York

Watermelon Water Tower - Texas

Wawona Tree Tunneled Sequoia - California

Peachoid Water Tower - So. Carolina, Alabama

Sapp Bros. Coffee Pot Water Tower - Nebraska

The Big Duck - New York

Hollywood Sign - California

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox - Minnesota
Lucy the Elephant - New Jersey

Teapot Dome Gas Station - Washington State

The Big Chair - Washington D.C.
World's Largest Pecan - Texas

Volkswagon Beetle Spider - many states

These two - Route 66 Diner and Sign - New Mexico


Corn Palace - South Dakota

Ear of Corn Water Tower - Minnesota

Botanic Gardens 2

There were hundreds of trees, plants, and flowers.

Chocolate tree