Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Departures - June 2017

What a evening!  We said good bye to some amazing missionaries last night! Sixteen young men and two couples this time. The elders went to transfers, then to the temple, where they were taught by the temple president, back to the mission home for dinner, then testimony meeting. It was a great night for us to be able to be with them for the evening. Then after all the old folks left we are sure there was a lot of ping pong. Up this morning and at the airport by 7:30. They should be home by now. I took the pictures with my phone, so not so good, and the elders move pretty fast, so it is what it is.

Highlights:  President Johnson sang his mission song, from when in served in the Northwestern States Mission. I know he spent time in Twin Falls, but am not sure of the mission boundaries. He also told the elders that their mothers would want to hold their hands all the way home, and rub her hands all over their faces, and they were not to stop and go to the bathroom when they departed the plane; they were to go directly to their mother and for two days just sit by her and talk to her. Aaahhhh.  He is extremely funny.

Each missionary bore his testimony, and at the request of President Johnson, told at least one experience that meant  a lot to them on their mission.  The most common thing we heard was how amazing it was to see people's lives change so dramatically.

Elder Rowley  - wonderful missionary,
talked about how a good life is a life of sacrifice.

Elder Guymon and Elder Smuin
We were in the same ward with Elder Guymon.
Elder Smuin is deaf, and looks like he had ear implants,
could speak, sign, read lips and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Elder Rutter
One happy, energetic missionary.
I never saw him without a smile.

Elder (Dr.) and Sister Smith, Elder Torgerson, Elder Jenks, Elder Chang
Elder and Sister Smith were the medical missionaries, leaving in July.
He is medical, and she a mental health specialist. Both lost their first spouses,
Been on missions on their own, then together. Dr. Smith has Parkinson's, loved to
tell jokes at staff meetings. Can't say enough how much they will be missed.
The thee elders, AP's.

Elder Jenks and Elder Chang
Our first AP's. They are the best of the best. We loved getting to know them
and work with them in the office when they were there. Elder Jenks is from
Royal City, WA. He is going home to attend BYU-Idaho and when he
graduates wants to be a farmer with his dad on the family farm. Elder Chang is
from Taiwan, came to Orem when he was eleven. He became a US citizen and
is going to go to BYU-Provo to become a dentist or doctor.

Elder Naef from the Tri-Cities. I called him our Richland boy.

Elder Chang and Elder Jenks

Always a picture on the stairs, but could not get them all in one shot.

All the departing with President and Sister Johnson. Also,
Elder and Sister Bauerle were Record Preservation missionaries,
going home in July.  She told us that day,
they digitized 4,000 plus records.

Singing their mission song.