Saturday, September 30, 2017

Friday with Lainey and Carrie - Part 2

National Gallery of Art

We would have probably never gone here, but Carrie wanted to, and I am so glad we did. We saw so much art! We could have spent two full days here. We saw originals of Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Monet, Degas, and Rodin (or Rodan?), and others I don't even know or remember. There were so many pictures and sculptures of the life of Christ and other biblical stories.

Poor picture of inside foyer
Marble stairs
Lots of hallways to lots of rooms to get lost in.

Little Dancer Age 14 - Edgar Degas
This was one of my favorites. She is made of wax, clay, metal, has a wig
of  human hair, and a real bodice, tutu, ballet slippers, and hair bow.
These dancers were called "rats." They came from working class families
and were very vulnerable to moral corruption at the hands of prosperous men.

I believe this is a bust of Rodin, or Rodan, or by
Rodin, or Rodan. I am going to fine out.
I love his face. Another favorite.

For Kay

The Holy Kinship, an altarpiece. This is supposed
to be Mary's family. Her mother, Anne, and two sisters
from two later marriages and their husbands and
children. Can you guess who is Mary? The description
suggests her pensive expression suggests that she
alone understands Christ's future. Another favorite.

Ginervra de' Benci - Leonardo da Vinci
The only painting by da Vinci in North America.
Unusual for a women's portrait of the time, Ginervra
is pictured outside. Her head is haloed by Juniper,
which symbolized virtue and refers to her name.

Still Life with Ham - 1650
Gerrit Willemsz Heda

The Deposition - 1520,
Anonymous Artist.
Undyed wool warp, spun silver,
silver-gilt, dyed silk, and wool weft.
The Thinker

Christ Carrying the Cross - early 1620's
Cornelis Van Poelenburch

Christ Bound - 1620's, ivory
Francois Duquesnoy
There was a large exhibit of the Kaufman collection of early American
furniture. This Roll Top deskwas built in 1175-1785, by Jean-Henri Riesener.
Greg loved the collection. I am surprised he did not take more pictures.