Sunday, October 1, 2017

Friday with Lainey and Carrie - Part 3

The Capitol Building - Wow! It was really interesting and gorgeous. Tyler arranged for a tour with an intern from Senator Daines of Montana's office. Something else we would not have done given our opinion of the current state of Congress. So, thanks to Tyler and Carrie.

This building has been built, burned, rebuilt, and added onto many times. It is
a huge complex now, with several office buildings, parks, and memorials.

Our tour guide/intern, Will. He told us a thousand stories, facts,
and trivia. He was a great guide, who loves his country, her government,
history, and future. He talked for two full hours. Everything he showed
us has a meaning and reason for being built, or placed where it was.
We rode the same underground train the congressmen ride to get to
chambers to vote.

Greg loved the architectural details.

This is the  crypt right below the dome of the Rotunda upstairs.
Forty columns, sandstone floors.
Originally they wanted President Washington buried there, but Martha was
having none of that, so it has been used for many things, even a bike parking
area. The star (below) in the floor is where four quadrants of the city meet.
It is a cool space.

The Capitol is covered with frescoes and murals designed by
Constantino Brumidi. He had a lot of help. No two are alike and
they are beautiful. Our pictures do not due them any justice.
One of the highlights of the tour.

Every  panel was different, different flowers, vegetables, fruit.
Different small animals, mice, birds, squirrels, and many

Brumidi's artwork covers every wall and ceiling
in the hallways. Stunning!

The following pictures are of the old Senate Chambers.
It is full of paintings, and sculptures. Very beautiful.

Brumidi's Frieze of American History -
goes all the way around the room.

George Washington resigning his commission as Commander
in Chief of the Continental Army to the Congress in 1783.

It was very hard to get a picture of the ceiling. The painting is called
The Apotheosis of Washington by Brumidi. It is 180' high, covers
4,664 square feet and depicts George Washington rising to the heavens in
glory, or becoming a god. It took eleven months to accomplish. If you look
George Washington is the figure in pink (purple, but looks pink) of the
bottom center. He is surrounded by figures from classical mythology.
On each side of him is the goddesses Victory and Liberty.

Every state has two statues of people who
were important to the state's identity and
prosperity. All statues get moved
around to different areas of display.

The following three pictures are of the old Senate Chambers.
The chairs are replicas, the originals are still be
used in the present chambers.

The old Supreme Court before they got their own digs.
The clock on the wall is original and has never needed
any work.

Replica of the Statue of Freedom that sits atop the Capitol dome.