Sunday, September 3, 2017

George Washington's Mt. Vernon - Part 2

The Mansion

You could not take pictures of the inside of the mansion, for crowd control I think.  I uploaded some file pictures, so I could remember. Many historical buildings have to be rebuilt because they are so old and unpreserved. Most mansions were destroyed in the Civil War,  But, the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association bought George Washington's home and without any federal money have preserved it and still hold it in trust. It is open every day of the year.

The new room - the fireplace and some of the
furniture is original.

The bed George Washington died in, suddenly from
a condition that caused him not to be able to breathe. 
There is more gore to this story, but I couldn't print it.
Look it up.

This is the original cradle of a granddaughter of George and Martha's.

The front door on the right, and above the framed picture on
the left is the principle key to the Bastille in France, a gift to
George Washington from the Marquis de Lafayette.
See below.

This is his study and you can see a wooden fan above
where he sat and pedals on the floor to push the
fan back and forth.

Contrast the house with the slave quarters. This is a reproduction
of what a family or multiple families would live in.

Memorial at the slave cemetery