Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Letter to Huler Grandkids, March 14, 2017

Hello, Grandkids,

Thank you so much for writing!  Grandpa and Grandma love to hear from you. Today we did not go into the office. It was going to snow as much as eight inches last night, but it only snowed two inches where we live. Traffic was gnarly this morning, so President Johnson closed the mission office and grounded the missionaries from driving until after lunch. It might be icy tomorrow, we'll see. Tomorrow is our staff meeting and I hope we go into the office because we get to spend the morning with President and  Sister Johnson and they are fabulous to be with. So, let's answer your questions.

Jarin, the tree of all the books written about Abraham Lincoln is built of shelves and the books are shoved in them randomly, so you can't see the shelves very much. Grandpa says it is four stories high, which is forty feet.  Ask your dad if that is higher than your house. The waffle house was crowded, dirty, and is what is called a landmark, so everyone goes there at least once.  I had a sausage and egg sandwich. Grandpa had sausage and eggs. It was okay, but Grandpa makes me a great bacon and egg breakfast regularly, so it's hard to find a breakfast as good as his.  His hip is almost all better. In fact, he gave his cane to  Elder Thompson, who we serve with in the mission office.  He has the same problem as Grandpa did, and his leg is not doing so good. So, Grandpa's cane is traveling. I wonder where it will go next. That would make a good story, "Grandpa's Traveling Cane".  The African American Museum is huge!  It has three stories underground and five stories above the ground. It covers five acres. Ask your dad how big that is. What is the name of the new song you learned about prophets?  I would like to look it up. My favorite song is "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus", and Grandpa's favorite is "A Child's Prayer".  Good luck with soccer!

Russ, we miss playing with you. My tablet is getting old.  Maybe when we see you next I will have a super duper new one.  Grandpa needs some exercise, so you should come and see us so he can chase you!  We didn't train any of the missionaries, we just watched to see how it was done, so we can do it next time. When someone is baptized there is a form that needs to be filled out and given to me. Then I go in the computer and enter the information into a church program. Then the convert is then listed on the records of the church, which is wonderful because that means she/he can start to get ready to go to the temple.  I really like doing that job.  Have fun with soccer!

Lucy,  the temple is beautiful. We are going to go inside this week. We are two hours ahead of you time wise.  So when you get up in the morning we have already been up for two hours. We did see the White House when we went to the museum. In the picture I took of the museum you can see the tall, white, Washington Memorial by it. Then  if you look the opposite direction, the White House is clear down at the other end. I didn't take a picture because it was too far away. Don't feel bad for the elder that got made fun of. He had a very successful mission. He bore his testimony of Jesus a lot, taught and baptized a lot of people, and his testimony grew even more than he ever thought it would.  Have fun playing soccer this season.

We love you all, and miss you. We have a big bulletin board with the all the Miller, Banks, and Huler families pictures on it. We see it everyday.

Love, Grandma Banks