Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Pain

We drove to Boise on Jan. 27th and stayed the night. After the hectic previous three weeks, it was a lovely drive. On Friday morning we went to Peterson's in Boise (a missionary store) and found me shoes that seemed non existent for months. Then we drove to Layton to spend the weekend with Betsy, Dustin, and our grandkids. On Friday night, Greg slept wrong and woke up Saturday morning with a sore hip (his titanium one). By Sunday he was in a lot of pain and could barely walk. Monday we headed to the MTC and checked in. There was a lot of genuine concern for Greg and his situation, but the folks at the MTC wanted us to get through orientation, so he soldiered on. Tuesday we were able to get him into an orthopedic surgeon, who took x-rays, ruled out his hip replacement, and told him he had sciatica, pain affecting the sciatic nerve, a large nerve that goes from the lower back down each leg. Most folks get a shot, but because of where the pain originated (it was too close to the sciatic nerve), the doctor put him on a regimen of prednisone. He also told Greg it would take a long time to heal. And it did. We did not get much sleep in the MTC. It hurt to walk and lay down. Sitting in a chair gave him some relief. Greg received a wonderful blessing from Dustin and then one in the MTC. They helped us a lot to know things would get better.