Monday, February 27, 2017

The Drive

We left the MTC on Friday morning, Feb. 10th. We drove through Provo Canyon, which I had never seen before. We drove on I-80 to Limon, just out of Denver. We checked out Cheyenne, WY, and it looked like a fun place to visit with lots of history.  We missed some very heavy winds from before Cheyenne and into Denver. There were four or five empty semis tipped over, and in CO, the winds caused some big fires, that burned about twelve outbuildings down. There were a lot of wind breaks in Wyoming that looked like wooden fences/pallets on end. They were positioned so the blowing snow would hit them and drop to the ground instead of blowing onto the highway. I remember seeing the Platte River and thinking of the pioneers crossing it. We stayed in Limon. CO, outside of Denver for the night.

On Saturday morning we drove on I-70 from Limon, CO, to Kansas City, MO. I had frozen custard for the first time. Made me think of Betsy who used to have it in Mississippi. It is delicious, better than ice cream, so silky smooth. We stopped in Kansas City, found a world famous BBQ place that was in a gas station. The line was long, it was crowded, but things moved fairly fast and we had KC BBQ at Joe's BBQ. We spent the night in Clinton, MO. 

Sunday morning we drove diagonally through Missouri, to Franklin, TN, outside of Nashville. From Missouri on the scenery started to look better. I am sorry we saw it all in February.  I wish I could have seen it in spring, summer, or fall.  All the trees were bare, ground was bare too, no green.  From Franklin we drove to Roanoke, VA., following along the Appalachian Mountains.  My Valentine
present from Greg was a  visit to Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke.  They have a show on DIY, called Salvage Dogs, that I enjoy. The episodes are usually the two owners salvaging some very old place.
They have a store where they sell all sorts of "old stuff." We met one of the owners, who spent some
time talking to us. We were asked if we wanted to be on TV, they were filming, we declined. I loved the place.

After Black Dog Salvage, we drove to the mission office in Potomac, MD. We made it.
The drive made us miss the Palouse, the Cascades, the Pacific Ocean, the forests, big rivers, small creeks and everything green.  This spring is when the east coast is supposed to explode into green and color.  I'm looking forward to it.