Friday, April 7, 2017

Letter to Miller Grandkids April 6, 2017

Hello, Grandkids,

Thank-you for your letters. Grandpa and I loved them! We loved our hugs and in a few days you will see them on my blog with this letter. We have a big bulletin board with your pictures and your Banks and Huler cousin's pictures on it and we looked at them every day.  I will try to answer all your questions.  Number one, Lainey, you can still call us Grandpa and Grandma, unless you were just trying it out for size, Elder and Sister Banks. How about Sister Lainey Miller and Elder Brady Miller!

We are doing really good. We are so grateful to be helping the missionaries and mission president and his wife. We feel very needed and that's a good thing at our age. We know now that no matter where  we served our mission, we would feel this same way. We feel like we are exactly where we should be. We know the Lord sent us here to help this mission.  Has our perspective on life changed? No, but we feel very "zeroed" in on doing what we have been called to do. We do feel the Spirit more everyday, we pray for it every day, so we can help the missionaries invite people to Jesus Christ. There is a lot of work that goes on in the background to help missionaries have a place to live, a car or bike to drive, gas money, and everything else you can think of that a person needs to live. Lots of bills have to be paid, apartments inspected and kept up, lots of letters written, lots of training for the missionaries. We work in the mission office Monday through Friday. Saturday is our "P" day. Ask your dad what that means.

Your Grandpa is a good missionary. If a delivery man comes into the office, or we are somewhere and he gets a chance he always talks to people about the church. He invites them to go to the Visitor's Center at the Washington D.C. Temple. There are sister missionaries at the visitor's center every day of the week and they have programs there all the time, so it is a good place to invite people too.  I try to follow his example.

We live in an apartment that is furnished by the church. We brought our bedding, towels, and our car.
It is in a nice, quiet neighborhood.  Grandpa and I each have our own bathroom and that is sweet!  We buy our own groceries and cook our own meals. We are trying to find good places to eat out, but so far not having too much luck.  We found a great pizza place, Ledo's. We think we have found a good Mexican restaurant, might look some more.  I am really missing good Asian food.  Once we went to a popular chili place, where you just have chili on a pile of spaghetti, not so good. We tried Dunkin Doughnuts, not so good. We have found a wonderful French bakery, where we can get a wonderful panini sandwich, cookies, and French pastries. I am going to take pictures of all the bread in there sometime, and maybe buy a loaf.

We have enjoyed the trips we have taken to see the historic sites of Washington DC. We have a lot of places we want to go see.  We hear it will be beautiful here when spring comes and all the trees bloom. Today, a big storm blew through, quickly, there were three tornados, but not by us. There were a lot of trees that fell down on houses. It rained so hard here, Grandpa was driving in it and said he had never been in so much rain.

We will be home for the Banks reunion and would love to have it at your house. Your parents get to decide. When we are done with our mission we are going to drive to your house first!

Good luck with soccer, volleyball and everything else you are doing! We would love to see any pictures you send of your activities. We love you, and miss you!

Love, Grandma Banks


You are so cute Ava!

I Love you too, Lila!

Future Missionary!

Big hugs, Lainey!